Peter Estabrook

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Private Teacher Comments

Mark Inouye (UC Davis, Juilliard; Studies with: Wynton Marsalis, Vince Pinzarella, Raymond Mase, William Vacchiano, Philip Smith, Mark Gould, Mel Broiles, Michael Sachs: Assistant Principal: San Francisco Symphony, Acting Principal: Houston Symphony, Principal: New World Symphony, Principal: Charlston Symphony, Substitute: New York Phillharmonic, Isreal Symph., Empire Brass)

"Top Notch...that is the kind of trumpet playing I am looking for."

"You are always a pleasure to meet up with and hear; that's for sure."

Mark Inouye

Rick Winslow (University of Illinois, Studies with: Bill Adam, Arnold Jacobs, Armando Ghitallah, Roger Voisin, Adolph Herseth, William Vacchiano; Performances with; Mancinni Orchestra, Paul Anka, Cincinatti Symphony, Indianapolis Symphony, Chicago Civic Orchestra)

"You gave (your student) Cory (Dearborn) a firm foundation...keep up the good work."

Rick Winslow

John Pearson (Principal Trumpet: San Francisco Opera; Bachelor of Music: San Francisco State University; Studies with: Joseph Alessi Sr., Charles Schlueter)

You know, I really enjoyed hearing you play. You sounded great. I was really impressed with your development. Your concept of sound has matured over the years.