Peter Estabrook

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Band Director Comments


To Whom It May Concern:

On behalf of Pete Estabrook, I would like to provide a positive recommendation for his assistance during the 1996 school year when he was contracted to coach my trumpet students.

We had six students who had as little as one month to five years experience. He took these students as a group and then divided them so that he could best provide a learning experience. It provided each students with the confidence and developed the group as a unit so they would work together.

It is now in May of this school year and all the trumpet students are continuing to show growth and development. I have no doubt that it was also to Pete's influence that the group has become a solid sounding musical ensemble. They have a good tone, proper embouchure, and have become more proficient at music reading.

I recommend Pete as a fine performer and musician to assist in any musical group and serve as a teacher.


Nick Xenelis

Rincon Valley Middle School

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter will introduce to you Mr. Pete Estabrook, whom I have have known both as a student and professional musician for several years. Pete has been coming into my classroom each Fall, giving lessons and brass clinics to my band students. He does excellent work with them, providing both incisive instruction and a beautiful brass sound quality to emulate. My students learn well by his example and ernest enthusiasm. He has thorough knowledge of how "air" works in producing good tone. I look forward to having him back again this Fall. He has given a great deal to the success of the individual and of the program. If there are any further questions with which I might help, I would be happy to communicate.


Betty J. Van Noy

Sierra Vista Junior High School

To Whom it May Concern:

I have known Pete Estabrook since 1990. He has been a substitute (music) teacher in our district, and has taught many of my brass students privately. I have observed Mr. Estabrook to be an excellent teacher, (when he substituted in my classes), working well with any age students. Mr. Estabrook is an outstanding musician, inspiring his private students to strive for excellence. I have observed Mr. Estabrook at many, many of his private student's concerts and performances, supporting them emotionally and musically. Pete has all the characteristics to be successful at any position'. he is well mannered, very personable, unpretentious, and exhibits enthusiasm in any task he may undertake. It is my pleasure to recommend Pete Estabrook for any position that he might seek.


Les Hershberger
Dept. Chair
Master Teacher CSU Northridge

La Mesa Junior High School

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to recommend Pete Estabrook for music instruction, both as an educator in schools as well as a private music instructor. My past experiences with Pete have demonstrated to me his competency and skill as a musician, as well as an instructor.

Pete has been a substitute in both my band and chorus classes. My lesson plans have always been followed with accuracy and progress has been made in my absence. Students have also made comments as to the productivity of rehearsals. When I am unable to be at school, I am confident that my students will still be able to grow musically when Pete is there to instruct them.

In addition to his skills as a teacher in a classroom setting, Pete is also a very talented musician and private teacher. His students demonstrate fundamental music knowledge, proper technique and good musicianship skills. Any student that takes privately from Pete can attest to his abilities and qualifications.

I highly recommend Pete as a music instructor, in whatever capacity is needed. He will be an asset to any organization that can utilize his musical ability.


Cynthia Ruksenas